AMH Soaps Being Featured in Pop-Up

Hello soap lovers. Just a heads-up regarding our soaps in 2022:

Soap Previews: All soaps will be labeled and shipped within 24 hours of the "ships on..." date stated.

Selling in quantities of 4 pcs. to minimize rising shipping costs for all of us.

Small batch production = limited quantities. More can absolutely be made per your request- with a minimum  4-6  week production time.

For all my local customers- I am currently participating at a pop-up store in the Wayside shopping center in Burlington, MA. A great way to get your hands on some of my soapy products and more without any shipping costs!! A one stop shopping event. Come and see all the wonderful products available.


Welcome to AMH Soaps

Handmade customizable soaps & more!

  Welcome to my online shop. I am a small one-woman business located in Winchester Massachusetts. In an effort to reduce the impact of chemicals and artificial ingredients on my family's health, I have been making soaps and other bath products for several years now.  At the urging of friends and family, I have decided to make some of my products more easily available.  I love making small hand cut batches, using locally sourced and processed ingredients (when possible), and packaging items as sustainably as I can. Bars are hand cut, so sizes between bars may vary somewhat. At this time, my stock of soaps is pretty good. That being said, supplies are limited and soaps that need to be restocked take a minimum of four weeks to cure and be ready for your enjoyment!


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2 Viking Road, Winchester MA 01890

(781) 974-4833

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